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Artist's statement

The inspiration for my paintings comes from many sources. Often it is from a photo of a particular scene to which I was attracted. It is also greatly influence by other artists with whom I work or whose work I admire. Most often, I use a photo as reference. I enjoy thinking about composition, light, and the feeling that is captured in a particular place and time.

Occasionally, I paint without reference. Such is the case with some of my landscapes and all of my abstracts. I like exploring various techniques, colors, textures, and so on, to find out where it will lead me.

As with most artists, painting teaches me a great deal about myself – where I am and what I’m feeling and trying to achieve in the moment. I do not focus on only one technique or subject matter. My work, I hope, portrays my need and curiosity for continuous learning and transition.

I am available for commissioned pieces upon request.

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